Welcome to Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy

Since 1967, Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy has been the choice for countless Northern Kentucky preschool children. NKMA is now establishing itself as an educational home for children preschool through 6th grade. At NKMA, we discover the full potential of your child and nurture his or her growth as an independent learner using the Montessori Method. Dr. Maria Montessori, the first female physician in Italy, was a brilliant, forward thinker whose educational approach is being used today in thousands of schools around the world. Learn more about the Montessori Method.

The mission of Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy (NKMA) is to educate children to become respected citizens of the global community, by providing a Montessori education of unparalleled quality.

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Living Montessori: Inside the Montessori Classroom:

Portrait of a Graduate