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Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy!

posted: May 6, 2013


So, what’s in a name?  More than you might think!

Northern Kentucky Montessori Center is now Northern Kentucky Montessori Academy!

Since 1967, NKMC has been making a difference in our corner of the universe, as well as the world at large, by offering the finest in Montessori education.  Through the years, we’ve grown as you have, moving forward, but also adhering to time-honored and scientifically supported Montessori educational principles.  We have made this our mission, all the while embracing twenty-first century innovations.

As we have outgrown our current space and expanded our classrooms, we have also re-evaluated some key NKMC identifiers, mainly our current name.  In the past, we have observed some impractical misnomers associated with referring to ourselves as “Center” rather than our new chosen moniker, “Academy.”  It became clear to us that we needed to make a shift and embrace a new identity, to more accurately reflect who we are at our core, and who we are shaping ourselves to be.

Sometimes the smallest changes have a great ripple effect.  We believe this will be one of those paradigm shifts for the community we serve.  As we push ahead into the future, we will continue to be ambassadors of the Montessori philosophy while impacting the way children learn, interact and develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

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