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Enrollment Process

  1. Schedule a Tour.
    Our enrollment process begins with your visit to our school. We require prospective families to come for a tour and an observation of our classrooms. Tours may be scheduled any morning at 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. Observing the classroom and children at work will give you a unique perspective of the Montessori educational process in action. One of our staff members will take the time to explain the Montessori philosophy, the Montessori curriculum, and the attributes of NKMA that make our program unique. Schedule a Tour.
  2. Submit an application.
    Once you have visited, you may submit an application to our program. The application fee for the Early Childhood Program is $100. The application fee for Lower and Upper Elementary is $150. Application fees must be paid prior to interviews.
  3. Schedule an interview.Current families are given priority enrollment privileges, but following the March 1st deadline, interviews are offered to new families on our waiting list. Once you have been contacted, your child will be scheduled for an interview. The interview process for the Early Childhood Program is informal, and is held primarily to get acquainted with your child.

    During the interview, one or both teachers in the classroom will work individually with your child to gauge their interests, their level of comfort in the classroom, and gain an understanding of their developmental stage. Rarely is the Montessori classroom deemed inappropriate for a child.

    If you are seeking admission to the Elementary program, and your child is transferring from another school, we will require school records prior to the interview. If your child has a psycho-educational evaluation, or if other developmental evaluations have been completed, we will require that documentation as well. Once received, we will be happy to interview your child for entry into our Elementary program.

  4. Return enrollment documents and tuition deposit.
    When the interview process is completed, and your child is accepted for placement into our program, you will be given an enrollment packet. At that time, a tuition deposit must be made and a tuition contract must be signed. Enrollment, depending on space available, may occur anytime throughout the year.